Cleansing Review: Missha Creamy Latte Cleansing Foam

prHello beauties! I’m going to make a review about a product from a brand that both my mom and I likes. Missha is a popular Korean brand that aims to have products with good quality for an affordable price. It looks first like a luxury brand because of their designs and ads, but it’s definitely a brand that can aims for every purses and ages.
I bought the Creamy Latte Cleansing Foam as it’s really affordable for the quantity (less than 3€ for 172ml!), and choosed the Strawberry type among the 3 available (Green Tea, Chocolatte and Strawberry).

The package is a bit cuter than what I usually could see from the brand and I really like it. The front is all -missha-creamy-latte-cleansing-foam-3kindswritten in English while the back is all in Korean. That’s a bit sad that we can’t read instructions and ingredients without having to search on internet…
In the front, it is written “Containing milk ingredients, it makes your skin clean, moisturized and nourished”. The product is sealed in the tube, to ensure freshness, and the output is very thin so you can’t make the whole cap dirty. That’s a really good thin, I’m just sad that the tube is very opaque so we can’t see how much cleanser is left in.
The product is pink and…cute (can I say this word about a foam? xD) And it smells really good, you’ll feel like you have concretely a strawberry latte or a strawberry yogurt in hand (but don’t lick or eat it okay? ^^).

2014-03-29 11.56.36The texture on skin is really soft when massaging, and it makes foam easily so you won’t need a lot of product for one use. There’s just one thing that surprised me, is that I had like a very little burning sensation on my sensitive skin areas. Maybe because the product is cleaning deep? So I can’t let it much time, less than 30 seconds I guess. But despite that, it is really enjoyable as it’s soft and smelling good. It is easy to rinse it but my skin feels a bit stiff though well moisturized. But after that stiff sensation I’m able to feel that my skin is completely clean and soft.

Summary: Sooooo I really like this cleansing foam since it’s cleaning deeply and let the skin soft. It smells very good and has an enjoyable texture. Maybe I’ll buy it again when I’ll finish it but it’s really long lasting and I have again half of the product I think. I want to try the other types, mostly the chocolatte one. But as maybe you know, I like to try a lot of different things so maybe I’ll buy another cleansing foam instead of that one. Anyhow, I highly recommend this product.

♥ Really affordable price (around 3€)
♥ Large quantity and long lasting
♥ Smells very good
♥ Nice texture
♥ Cleans deeply

</3 Opaque tube
</3 No English instructions
</3 A little burning sensation on sensitive skin areas

Global note: 8/10


2 thoughts on “Cleansing Review: Missha Creamy Latte Cleansing Foam

  1. Hi 🙂 I have the same trouble with this burning. Would you recommend something after the using? Or should I not use it everyday? :O

    • Thank you for your comment Yaya ^^
      I recommend using some soothing gel or emulsion/lotion, with aloe vera would be good. You can use this cleansing foam everyday without problem don’t worry ^^ Just don’t apply too much amount, and don’t keep it more than 30 seconds before washing off well 🙂 You can visit my new blog for more review here:

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