Eye Shadow Review: Etude House Sweet Recipe Cupcake Eyes

Etude-House-Sweet-Recipe-Cup-Cake-EyesI am very sorry about not updating recently since a personnal project is taking me a lot of times, but today I really wanted to write an article so here i am, with a new blog design, and a new review!

Etude House is a very famous and popular brand among the Korean cosmetic fans but also among the ones who like kpop idols! The brand is using popular models from kpop groups such as f(x), SHINee and 2NE1. The brand offers very cute packagings for their products, aiming young customers, with bright colors.

Sweet Recipe Cupcake Eyes is one of the first products I tried from the brand. I wanted to find eye shadow with my favorite color, purple so I bought the “Blueberry & Strawberry” shade. The package is very cute with its cupcake shape and sweet colors. It is very handy and small, easy to open. The cupcake shape just can be not practical if you want to travel and take a lot of stuffs in your pouch. In my mind, it doesn’t really fit for this situation.

I was kinda surprised when I first tried it because I wasn’t really expecting the product to be that glittery. It 2014-03-21 13.03.32wasn’t really shown through the promotion picture, and not mentionned as well in the shop’s description file. Anyways, what is good about that glittery eye shadow is the very long lasting power. So if you go out all day, you won’t mind to check that it’s still here, cause it will be!
About the colors I choosed, I honnestly can’t see the difference between the purple one and the pink one. I even tried to take a picture of it on my skin, but you would not see the difference as well. However, this is very useful to match with a more plain color. I tried a tutorial from the brand itself about making a pinkish ‘Frozen’ inspired look with a plain pink color and the glittery strawberry. It was really looking good.

Sans titre 1As it can be maybe seen on the picture above, both colors are stuck together so it is possible that you mix both with your finger or brush. Well, you can try by purpose of course, but won’t make really a difference about the effect. Even with a good eye base, I don’t think it will reveal more the color. That’s clearly the main flaw of that product in my opinion.
Nevertheless, despite I thought there was not a lot of product and that I will run out of it very soon, I was wrong! It will really last long to you so that’s a good point, because you won’t need a lot per use, as it is very shining.

In my mind, the best use of this eye shadow is for a party. It will really make your eyes sparkling and will wake the plain colors that you will use. If you like glittery product also for daily use, it will be perfect for you.


PK001 – Sweet Berry Lemon Mousse
OR201 – Fresh Mango Tango
BR401 – Sugar Maple Syrup Choco
PP501 – Blueberry & Strawberry
BR402 – Chocochip Sweet Mint

If I had to rebuy one, I think I would try the Mango Tango and the Suger Maple Syrop Choco. Whiwh one would you try? πŸ™‚
The price is around 6-7€ for one cupcake.

β™₯ Cute packaging
β™₯ Perfect for a party look
β™₯ Perfect with a plain color of the same shade

</3 Not practicle to transport
</3 Too shiny for daily makeup
</3 Can’t see difference between both colors for the one I bought

Global note: 6/10


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